31st December 2018
Dear Ariel,

Congratulations babe, you certainly shone this year! Things that you achieved:

  • Interviews in both Mama Disrupt and The Collective Hub
  • 10k Instagram followers and 3k FB followers with 1k email subscribers
  • Attended four beautiful births
  • Finished your book which is being published as we speak
  • You bought your first home last week
  • CrossFit Croydon boasts 200 athletes, 30 of which are highly competitive
  • Yogility has 50 committed yogis each week
  • You have loved and healed and found solid ground
  • You visited Bali & Byron 
  • You sent Eric to watch The CrossFit Games for his 30th - best wifey ever
  • You stayed tanned all year, and had no bouts of depression!
  • Your fitnessing paid off, with smashing all of your strength and gymnastics goals, feeling great in your own skin and helping share that message with other athletes and mummas
  • You trusted the timing of your life and don't feel trapped or lonely. 
  • You healed yourself, and in doing so helped to heal all the women of the earth, including Mumma Earth herself.
  • Your friendships are solid, helpful, mutual, inspiring and truly fill your cup.
Tim McDonaldComment