Why CrossFit, mumma?

Members of great community-style gyms have a healthy support system. In the CrossFit world, it’s not just a place to work out…it’s a community, a support system, and an accountability mechanism.

When you constantly move in any given way, you train your brain, nervous system and musculature to be in a certain position. Therefore practice makes permanent not perfect, and this is why we prioritise movement quality and function over quantity. I certainly don’t think we are the only CrossFit box to prioritise quality over intensity, though we have a very educated and informed coaching team, who’s message stays consistent and clear.

We need to create an environment that allows us to easily prioritise wellness. It should be easy for us to train, whether at home or at the gym. That is why I created CrossFit Mummas, to allow the mummas in my community access to a family friendly gym, an opportunity for training WITH children, for them to take breastfeeding breaks, where nappy changing and toilet training is normal and given attention to, where I can model peaceful parenting and a vegan lifestyle. Not necessarily to teach other mum’s how to parent, but to allow for a new normal.

It should be easy and sustainable to eat well. We have so much access too whole foods, there is so much information about how to cook food, bake and meal prepare in advance that we literally do not need fast food. I assure you it’s far cheaper to buy and create your own organic meals than to buy “fast food” and that there are wonderful places to actually dine on the days where you want to eat out.

For a healthier future generation, broad social change must start in our youth. It is on us, as parents to lead societal changes toward healthier habits. To lead by example and incorporate health, wellness and fitness into our lives each day in front of our children. To counter current poor habits like technology addiction, inactivity, and inadequate nutrition.

The most efficient and effective way to achieving a better body composition and physique is proper nutrition and higher effort strength training. Unfortunately you cannot CrossFit your way out of a poor or inadequate diet and achieve performance or a physique that reflects your hard work, the cool thing about CrossFit, though, is that it doesn't matter if you do not have an “ideal” body composition…you can still be strong as fcuk or a body weight ninja! As my practice is all about health, my focus is on what I can do and the self acceptance that comes with feeling a certain way, able to achieve my movement goals and yeah sure looking fit helps me feel good!


“I lift because I am and because it’s part of a mission to change the world’s understanding of it’s potential.”

Ariel BlythComment