My purpose as a coach is to help women feel and look amazing through pregnancy, postpartum and into motherhood. I want to empower women to move well, create a balanced and sustainable wellness system, improve birthing outcomes and directly increase the quality of their childrenā€™s health. Women should love the way they look every single day, knowing that their worth and value is not based on a number on the scales. Women ARE strong, and to help them create physical strength allows them to explore their athletic (and human) potential.

Meal Planning $100+

Online 8week Program
- 3 specialised sessions each week
- Weekly Nutrition support

Personalised Coaching $50p 30min

$60p 30min trimester 2+3

$60p 30min PT 6-12weeks postpartum

Summer Mumma 2019
December 10th - 21st
Jan 7th - Feb 1st

Summer Mumma is a 6 week long in-house program designed to help you breathe, connect your core and pelvic floor, mobilise through your shoulders and hips, increase strength and fitness, learn the principles of weightlifting, and create a holistic wellness system. The classes run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10.30am for 45minutes in a stress-free, child friendly functional training facility. The investment is $350 for the training, or $450 with nutritional tracking and weekly meal plans. #crossfitmummas

Spring into Summer Mumma
September 2019

The Mumma Movement Program
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