Full moon vibes

So, in case you have been feeling SUPER strange the last few days, I would like to inform you that today was in fact a full moon.
Here is a lovely ritual that you can adapt: http://spaceinbetween.com.au/how-to-create-a-full-moon-healing-elixir/
And here are my top tips for increasing energy and channelling CALM MUMMA:
1. Do not underestimate the power of a few deep breaths. I catch myself so many times during the day about to say something I might regret (like, please tell me again why you would prefer to waste money on smokes and fast food rather than get fit? and ifIhearonemoretantrumIwillthrowmyselfoutofthewindow) or speak in a way I might regret. If I simply stop and take two or three deep breaths, say whatever it is in my head and then proceed with caution, generally I will avoid making a crap situation worse.
Diaphragm breathing has literally held me (and my rectus abdominus) together.
2. Drink all the water. First thing in the morning I drink a warm lemon water, last thing at night I drink a glass of water. During the day I drink about 3lt of water. I am breastfeeding and train daily, I also drink a tonne of coffee, water is the elixir of LIFE.
3. Eat food that makes you feel good. I dont care about GOOD food vs BAD food, in my humble opinion all FOOD (vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and grains) is GOOD and the majority of processed food serves its purpose. We all know that eating processed foods doesn't make us feel good. It might taste good (well, the sugars and fillers and fat do) but if you really sit with your body, you will sense the delayed digestion, the bloating and possibly the toxins.

Tim McDonaldComment