My doula philosophy

My gift to a birthing woman is empowerment. I truly believe that birth is a normal process that does not require fear or coercement, and that each birth is magic in its own way. 
Having experienced a 'cascade of intervention' and traumatic cesaerean, then a healing home birth (HBAC), followed by a very fast and intense home birth, gives me strength and belief in what women can do. Women are so strong and when our birthing partners align with our vision, we can achieve a birth that is beautiful.
I love women, birth and babies and love when partners are supportive of the birthing mother. I believe I can hold space for a birthing couple or family with a deep respect for midwifery and personal choice.
With a lengthy experience and vast knowledge of anatomy as an exercise scientist, personal trainer, coach and yoga teacher, I can assist women during pregnancy, labour and the post partum period. I believe in affirmations, manifesting your dreams and the power of breath.

Tim McDonaldComment