First Trimester week by week

Week One
Mumma's uterus is the size of a fist and sits in the pelvis. If you are planning a baby it is a great idea to behave as if you are pregnant, take folate and avoid alcohol and caffeine. 
Embryonic period begins for the conceptus until 8weeks. HCG hormone increases.

Week Two
"Mittelschmerz" or middle pain is possible. Early Pregnancy Factor (EPF), an immunosuppressant protein is produced in the ovaries. This is signalled by the blastocyst when implantation is complete. Cell division occurs for the blastocyst.

Week Three
Most Mummas will not know they are pregnant, though there may be some symptoms.
The embryo is 3mm and it's miniature heart pumps blood in the mesoderm. It has three layers, the ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm.

Week Four
Mumma could be feeling lethargy, mood swings, sensitive breasts and there will be a large increase in the HCG hormone.
Embryo now receives nutrition via umbilical vessels connected to the placenta. The neural folds begin to fuse.

Week Five
The increase of some hormones can cause mumma's to get headaches, become lethargic and nauseous.
The embryo is between 4-10mm, limb buds appear and there is endodermal differentiation. Epithelial linings of digestive and respiratory tracts form.

Week Six
Some Mummas will discover their pregnancy and find that skin changes may occur, like breakouts or oily skin.
The embryo has three sets of kidneys at this stage, hand plates and the nasal pits are forming.

Week Seven
Parents may be coming to term with the news of their pragnancy, and this may be a time of excitement or even fear. There may be tension between partners as a mumma is feeling exhausted and emotional, it is my personal opinion that this is a good way to create compassionate and empathetic parents.
Toes are forming on the embryo while the liver churns red blood cells until the kidneys take over.

Week Eight
Especially if this is not a mummas first pregnancy, she may find that her belly is quite hard and "bloated". This is normal. If she is exercising this is a great time to stop all direct abdominal work and keep the heart rate more even, she should be able to talk through a workout.
Bub is about 22mm with his head as large as his body. All of his major brain regions and limbs are present. Ossification (hardening of bones) starts and spontaneous muscle contractions occur. Rapid growth begins for the baby.

Week Nine
Mummas growing uterus may cause more frequent urination.
Babies wrists develop, her ankles are formed, her little fingers and toes are visible, and the inner ear is complete. The placenta develops to support most of the hormone production.

Week Ten
Mumma could well be aboard an emotional roller coaster and may begin to experience cravings. It is a great time to slow down and really listen to her body, finding an experienced yoga teacher, trainer and chiropractor or massage therapist. 
Babies face has a human profile and he develops fingernails.

Week Eleven
Parents should choose a hospital or birthing space, choose public or private maternity care and begin to build a birthing team. 
Baby will have developed her/his genitals.

Week Twelve
Many parents choose to announce their pregnancy now, as the risk of spontaneous miscarriage decreases dramatically. Mumma may start to feel more human now. 
Baby has doubled in size over the past few weeks!

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