Lifestyle Planning

This is mostly about cleaning, guy's I have OCD and clean obsessively which everyone tells me is  a ridiculous expectation with three children but hey?!

Each day at home I sweep, make the beds, walk Marli, clean the kitchen (washing dishes is my fave!) and clean the toilet thanks to my 6 year old with terrible aim. I keep the bedrooms clean and clear to promote good sleep.

This was all before the five of us moved into one bedroom at Eric's dad's now my space is a little more cluttered, and my timetable a little less structured. Currently, in fact we are house sitting in Olinda/Kallista, then I'm in Byron for a week then June is Bali month! Eric is going away for Regionals to Sydney in there too.

I’ve broken my week down, monthly tasks and then a yearly roster.

Monday - Grocery Shop

Tuesday - sweep/vac/mop, load of washing, bake/cook a big meal like vegan ravioli

Wednesday - minimal housework, wash everyones hair

Thursday - garden (clean dog poo), clean all rooms, load of washing

Friday - small groceries shop, washing and general tidy

Saturday - relax

Sunday - bins out, bake/cook, plan clothes for the week

Monthly - waxing/beauty appointments, birthday shopping, events organisation/babysitting, washing bed sheets, shaving E’s head (which now I dont do, as he's cut it all off :()

January - garage sale, go through cupboards

February - clean the skirting boards

March - clean the windows

April - clean out closets for updating winter and bigger clothes

May - rearrange and deep clean the lounge (couch covers dry cleaned)

June - toy rotation

July - dry clean bed covers and flip mattresses, move rooms around

August - clean out closets for spring

September - toy rotation

October - clean the walls

November - clean out closets for updating summer and bigger clothes

December - prepare for Christmas i.e making gifts

At the start of the year it’s important to note important dates, events, birthdays and planned holidays down. Now I am also in the habit of marking school dates down too.

It's almost birthday season for us, and we have lots of travel coming up. I also have to factor in my birth clients and business expenses (like the dreaded BAS & insurance).

Things must be organised for me to fit in time for myself, so that I can show up for my family and clients as the best version of me. This year has been a little more bumpy than mornal, but I feel on the verge of a breakthrough ...after several breakdowns!

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