Limiting Waste

Something really important to me is reducing a negative impact on the earth. I try my best to treat Mumma nature as if she were the most magical home….because she is.

Some ways that I try to look after the earth include;

  • picking up rubbish when I see it
  • not allowing my children to have plastic toys
  • not buying plastic
  • eating a vegan diet that consists of local, sustainable and seasonal produce
  • not supporting brands that are considered “Giants” and unethical (Nestle and MacDonalds etc)
  • buying plants, linen and biodegradable things
  • turning off taps, electricity switches and lights
  • using carry bags, my own cups and bamboo straws
  • fixing my things rather than replacing them
  • when babies were little we used cloth nappies 
  • donate things to the salvos or re gift things we don't use or need
  • use biodegradable bin liners
  • invest in a good drink bottle and coffee keep cup 

However, it isn't always easy to be environmentally conscious and I find that we do produce quite a lot of waste. 

It’s hard to be organised enough to shop at the bulk food stores, though I know once we move I can get into a better routine. 

And my hope is to visit farmers markets more regularly, planning our meals once we have shopped so that we can eat a little more seasonally.

It is important to me to live a life that is cruelty free, and a positive if any impact on the environment. Being prepared and in a routine will be key for me this year, so that I can produce minimal waste and feel good about my purchasing power.

“Every dollar you spend is a vote for the type of world you want to live in.”

Ariel BlythComment