Easy like Sunday mornings

Wait...I am a mother and own a business hahahaha there is NO SUCH THING AS EASY.
Yesterday I had the pleasure of popping in to my friends new shop which is EXACTLY how I would like my future home to look (@loveiluka) and among other things we discussed the trials of parenthood and relationships. When River was little I had few friends with children the same age and every other mother I knew said "Just wait" and "You this THIS is hard"...so I turned to blogging whilst I was up all night. I was talking to another mother at playgroup who had a perfect child the first time, sleeping through the night and who's second child behaves like all three of mine and detests sleeping. It's all exactly as it should be.
I am now at the cusp, I am a school mum and the mother of a toddler, as well as parenting my middle child. My eldest two may as well be teenagers they are so damn moody.
Where do I fit anymore...I'm still up breastfeeding allllllllllllll night long yet my children can mostly entertain themselves and allow a few moments of peace in the chaos, which is then mainly filled with cleaning up the crap they just pulled out or doing work.
It's overwhelming often and it has become harder to have a social life. Our business is past the critical first three years and yet there are new challenges to face each week, month and even day. My days are often still filled with damage control, of the kids or the gym. I'm studying too (though not at university, so I don't think of it as overly difficult).
So Sunday morning rolls around and I find myself wanting to stay close to my family, for play and laughter and peace, lots of yoga (which Eric is doing on the deck now as I type), I couldn't face driving anywhere and need to plan our week ahead, though the second I try I know I will be interrupted. 
Basically if you are a mother, you need to find yourself a tribe. Probably a tribe of other women with similar values to you and that have children. Because even if you can never, ever catch up, trust me they understand the trials and simple pleasures of parenthood. 
To all of the women that are about to embark on the selfless and all consuming journey of mumma hood, feel free to email me, to connect with me. Take the time to hire a fantastic photographer and capture all the beautiful moments of your life as a couple, during pregnancy, through birth and early postpartum days. My recommendation is @sigridpetersenphotography if you are in Melbs. And if you would like to be a part of The Mumma Movement reach on out <3
Stay tuned today for my blog on the Birth of Baby Z xxx

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