Happy new...wait it's Marh...

Alright, the year has gotten away from me as time often does when you are raising little people.
Snapshot of my life right now - my children are still 5, 3 and not yet 2years old. Eric and myself have been married for 1year and 1month and have gone on approximately three dates in that time.
River started prep or founders last month which has meant I've spent far less time with him but I think he will mellow out with some routine. His dad has taken him away for the weekend for the first time...I'm pretty devastated. It must be nice to be a part time dad, there's like no responsibility and your children just adore you. Here's to all the separated Mummas....it's more often than not a thankless job. And giant kudos to the fathers raising children like their own, or even just raising their own children, these little people will be better because of you.
Raine is wild, I've felt really disconnected from her in our day to day living...she needs one on one time with me and with Eric and we can't always indulge her needs. I've certainly found age 3-5years the most challenging, and I knew I would because as an adult I still find my own emotions hard to regulate! Raine is also such a sweet and intelligent little girl so we are trying hard to focus on this. I'm glad she too is a little mermaid and would spend all her time by the seaside, she loves cleaning and helping with tasks. It would be nice if her night terrors and screaming would stop so we could potentially get a few hours sleep a night...
Reef is a beautiful little boy. At 22months old he seems far younger than his brother and sister did. He's talking in single syllables and mostly being very sweet, but he can certainly hold his own and is very determined just like we all are...so there is often conflict, especially between Raine and Reef. He is irrational often, like each of us are and STILL wakes every few hours during the night screaming the house down if I refuse to feed him.
I am certainly struggling the most with lack of sleep. On a good night I will get four hours of uninterrupted sleep. On a bad night, we're up every hour. Usually it's every two or three hours between 10pm-4.30am.
Three mornings each week we get up at 4.30am to coach the 6am WOD and work till 7.15/45pm. Over the next four weeks we will be working until 8.15/30pm and I'm a little nervous.
The CrossFit Croydon community is growing still and we have such a wonderful group of humans working out together, I feel very blessed to coach everyone and help them achieve their goals. I am LOVING teaching yoga at the box, guiding my yogis through each class has a positive impact that makes my heart warm.
My training has taken a spot in the priorities list ;) and I've found myself achieving more than I believed possible this year, from my 1rms increasing, to being able to sustain a heavy load through a workout, to not crying through thrusters and wall balls, most importantly I nailed my first muscle ups which has been on my goals list for about five years! I still have so much work to do...I'm building my posterior chain, rebuilding my abdominal muscle structure, balancing flexibility with strength, then obviously working on heavier lifts, better technique, functionality in gymnastics movements, committing to running and rowing...the list goes on.
We have just started saving towards buying a home. My dream was to own a home before I'm 30 but I'm surprisingly alright with that taking a little longer. It will happen because we have put in so much ground work. No matter how hard things seem now, I've realized how far we have come and I am so glad that I get to follow my passion each and every day, and actually get paid to do it.
Saturday - up at 6am, Reef JUST settling after screaming for a good half hour, up again at 6.30am and back in Raine's bed due to her screaming. Everyone up at 6.50am and in the car at 7.11am. Drop little kids to my grandparents and start coaching at 8am. Nick picks Riv up (yes there were tears). Start running everyone through the Open WOD 17.3 at 9am, finish at 12. Staff meeting. Pick up kids, groceries. 2.30pm home finally!! Both kids fast asleep...cleaning and preparing the house. Looking forward to a day off tomorrow, we'll be going hiking in the morning and doing lots of connecting with the kids. 
Eric is going to sneak in a garage WOD today after totally crushing 17.3 and I might do some booty building and lots of yoga. Tomorrow I'll be skipping for my fasted cardio pre-breakfast and considering we have Dumbbells in the boot I guess Eric plans on doing another garage WOD ;)
This is the start of me being more committed to writing on my computer...not just my home journals. I know I say this all the time but life is tricky baby, and I'm balancing being an entrepreneur with spending less time behind a screen!
Big love x

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