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Here we are, it is June. Almost the end of the financial year...almost Raine's birthday, almost our Winter Wellness Challenge, almost our first open CrossFit competition, almost Bali time.
Unfortunately we also have four weeks to find a new home.
So here I am, under the pump. To write, mother, train, run this business of ours, look flawless, be flawless, be calm and support every single member that we have as well as all of my friends...I may be putting just a little pressure on myself. Haha.
I seem to stop writing often. When things are going really well or when things are going really shit, or in this case when I just have all the feels. Let me set the scene.
Today I woke up at about 6.30am, I use the term "woke up" rather loosely as a co-sleeping mumma, I'm often breastfeeding all through the hours we "sleep". Eric had probably only just left to run down to the gym as he had a class to run at 7am and we only have one car. Reefy was rather clingy this morning so I had too pee with him sitting on my lap and hold him whilstI got dressed...challenging, but I was up for it. I then carried the sleepy big two to the car and made a quick stop for coffee before meeting my man and my CrossFit tribe at 8am.
Saw my mum and Nick (the ex husband & Riv's dad) took the big two for a skate/play/cups of peas. We were just leaving the gym at 10.30am when we noticed our back tire was completely flat. All the kids and I waited while E changed our tire (the car is only 6 months new and there was a screw in it) and then we again stopped for coffee and health food store sushi* before inspecting four houses in Frankston North & Seaford.
We drove further to Mornington's Store Fifteen and then had a huge park play before driving past home and all the way to Vegie Bar. A delicious meal bought us back home where we did a bit of a clean up and popped Inside Out on as family movie night. 
As Eric and myself were feeling emotionally and physically drained after a biiiiiig week, I showered with Reefy, having such stunning and soulful eye gazing whilst feeding him, and then E took him off to bed. I have watched the movie with the big two and tried unsuccessfully to put them to bed...it's 8.15pm, I am two glasses of red wine down and just feel cranky.
It is frustrating when your almost-threenager refuses to listen to any thing you say but simultaneously desperately needs you to carry her and be touching her in loving affection at.all.times. Unless she is screaming in which case, you just stand there trying to block your ears. In my opinion, "terrible twos" is completely made up. My kids have been pretty damn good up until almost three. Three & four year olds suck the majority of the time if you are a full time parent. My children seem to have inherited my feel-things-fiercely personality, oh yay for us all.
Our now five year old River is going through a much better phase, of being far more connected and able to behave however, he is so emotional and truly believes the world revolves around him. I try so hard to remember:
Big emotions need big hugs, not big consequences
And just like that River and Raine are asleep. They currently share a queen sized bed on the floor, and when we move I believe they will receive a bunk bed! 
Things you will find on this blog:

  • attachment, peaceful parenting (yet honest) stories
  • fitness, CrossFit and health related rambles, with occasional inspiration
  • nutrition not limited to but mainly about vegan food, baby led weaning and a whole food diet
  • breastfeeding stories, musings and rants...I have been breastfeeding non-stop for over five years, tandem feeding River & Raine, then Raine & Reef. Both weaned at 2years and 7months
  • glimpses of my history with depression, post partum depression, anxiety and an ED though I believe I am currently well clear and have decided not to dwell on these feelings 
  • yoga, AcroVinyasa and hopefully some nude yoga stories ;)
  • how we live mostly plastic free & possibly environmental themes
  • how we manage to work full time and raise our kids full time

My promise is to be 100% true to myself and to practice what I preach day in and out.
Currently everyone is crying because River needed to pee and decided to run through the house yelling at the top of his lungs. Fingers crossed I get to bed before 10pm.

*the ONLY sushi I will buy is from Eastfield

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