The Holiday season

Right now Eric is putting Reef to sleep. usually we just pop him in the Tula and transfer him to bed...right now hes been screaming for a good five minutes. He's been feeding as often and as vigorously as a newborn...he's 18months old ffs!! It is really hard to explain the burn out that comes with breastfeeding....and I havent had a single day not feeding someone for 5.5years. I tandem fed River and Raine, then Raine and Reef, I am really looking forward to having my body to myself again one day.
I wanted to quickly update my blog, to check in with anyone who might be interested, to provide food for thought.
My life right now in December 2016 looks a little like this:
Eric and I have been married now for 11months. River is five, Raine is three, Reef is about 1.5years old.
We own and operate CrossFit Croydon, it is coming up to our third birthday. I am studying to become a doula and have recently supported my girlfriend in her VBAC (which was one of the BEST experiences of my life!). I am personal training about six clients each week and I am loving their progress. We live in Frankston/Seaford and work in Croydon so our days look like this:
4.30am yoga and ready for the day, lemon water
5.15am leave
6am coach
7am train
8am coffee is life
9am coach
10am Summer Mumma program
eat/admin/child wrangle
12pm coach
1pm home to the beach or stay local at the pool if its hot
4pm train/admin
5pm or 6pm PTs
5.30pm coach
6.30pm teach yoga (Eric does yoga or has PTs)
On Monday E's dad takes kids to park for a picnic dinner and on wednesdays my grandparents look after the little two for dinner
Fridays now involve me working solo 6am-11.30pm (this week I am back-to-back)
then E would normally work solo at night. This week I have a PT and will do my training in the pm.
On Tuesdays & Thursdays currently Eric trains/coaches/programs and I stay home with the kids. My work consists of writing Christmas cards, programming, blogging, business marketing, enquiries and follow ups. These are also the only days I have to clean the house. We do food preparation and LOTS of washing! In the lead up to Christmas I also have some extra PT sessions on these days.
Our lifestyle looks pretty cruisey, and sometimes its the absolute BEST day off or at work, but full time parenting combined with a full time (+) career has its challenges. We have finally reached our goal of a consistent 100+ athletes at our gym, however we are always looking for ways to keep growing and definitely maintain our current athletes (everyone at our box becomes like family). I find that because we have <6hrs of sleep each night we must use food as therapy and make sure our stress levels (internally and externally) stay balanced.
This is the first year in the last six where I have the financial ability to buy our kids gifts and some for our family and friends, it is a really awesome feeling ;D

It was a full moon yesterday and I am so so deeply in tune with Gaia and the lunar cycle. I was emotional but I have also been feeling so energised, motivated, inspired and on the right path.
I am looking forward to the rest of this week and welcoming a new year!


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