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My new life and the power of manifesting

Its been a minute…

Honestly I have been…BUSY! Setting up my new box, CrossFit Byron Bay, moving interstate and working out my new life rhythm.

To say that the last 8 years have been the most intensely productive and “busy” is an understatement. I have now owned and operated three CrossFit boxes, continuing to manage CrossFit Croydon (in our sixth year of operation) and commencing a managerial role and head coaching position at CrossFit Byron. Oh I’ve also had three children, become a yoga teacher, work as a birth and postpartum doula and operate The Mumma Movement.

I am constantly manifesting my reality (we all are, but thats another blog in itself), feeling blessed and also feeling frustrated at some situations that have occurred. I have definitely accomplished a lot in my life but I know my potential is even greater. I am working my little peach off to purchase a home and create a life on my terms with the financial means to support myself, my family and my community.

Since I was 16years old I’ve dreamed of living in Byron Bay and I really do pinch myself daily that I’m here by the beach with my family. I’ve needed to learn to rest and slow down, which I know I can achieve here. My book is ready to be published and I know that with some spare time I can become a published author. In the last year I have not been writing a blog or journal or working on my book ideas, which has been sad and also likely for the best. It is now time to get back to my soul work, to get crystal clear on what I want and how to achieve that, and to help others on an even larger scale.

My probiotics and I have been conversing each morning (check out this awesome podcast here: and I have a gut feeling that this is my time. I can use my platform on social media to connect with more mothers and more individuals searching for sustainable wellness.

What do I care deeply and passionately about?

  • the health and wellbeing of prenatal women

  • the quality of all birth experiences

  • a womans’ right to feel like a goddess during and after labour

  • the way our babies are nurtured and fed

  • breastfeeding

  • reducing plastic in our homes and environment

  • animal rights and the yogic principle of ahimsa

  • movement quality

  • encouraging everyone to live a more active life

  • decreasing screen time for everyone (my children are screen free 90% of the time)

  • decreasing the incidence of disordered eating

  • promoting a healthful lifestyle that works now and long into the future

  • CrossFit as one of the best ways to increase strength, fitness and body positivity

  • feeling and looking amazing - striving for the potential of each individual

I firmly believe in practicing what I preach, in leading from the front and in a balanced approach to life. My experience in this life has been that visualisation, setting intentions and being a humble hard worker has created magic in my life, but I have to work super hard on healing myself and on balance often!

Currently I am working on a clear mission, message and a more intentional social media presence. My husband joins our family tonight and I am certain that by the weekend things will feel better than ever.

Looking forward to checking in more often,

Ariel x