Take three deep breaths, straighten your spine, lift your chest up and roll those mumma shoulders back.

I want you to IMAGINE waking up in the morning, rolling over to smile and eye gaze with your baby. Imagine then taking a few deep breaths to set an intention for your day, then after a quick stretch feeling ready to commence your days activities.

You feel nourished by the food in your home, usually saited and occasionally hungry. Your emotional state is one of flow and you have energy to chase after your little ones, to thrive each day and to move your body well.

The days in which you choose to train, you listen to your body. You have great posture, glowing skin and you have made your own and your families well being the priority.

You have great, loving sex with your partner and understand your pelvic floor. You feel empowered by growing a baby and by raising your child in a holistic mannor, using exercise to give you even more energy and create a sense of self care.

You feel strong, lean, fit and healthy.

Now, babe, I want you to think about how you currently feel. There's no judgement here, just an honest appraisal. Do you wake with enthusiasm despite breastfeeding several times over night or due you constantly feel lethargic and sluggish? Does your posture reflect how you want to feel? Or do you hunch your shoulders forward? Do you feel exhausted at the thought of playing physically with your children? Do you suffer from abdominal separation? Does your pelvic floor feel weak? Do you feel as though you move with purpose?

Make a list if you wish, of how you want to feel and how you feel right now. Compare. If you need to make some changes then my 8 week online program is for you. Complete three workouts each week from the comfort of your own home then in 8 weeks time repeat this exercise.

I've got you, Mumma xx


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