Life with a newborn

At 6am this morning Raine came in to my room, I'd been feeding Reef since about 5. We did the toilet run and got back into bed for a feed, Raine on one side, Reef on the other (very painful side). River came in and I knew the day had officially begun.
What I wanted was to get up before the toddlers and do some yoga before having a shower. Instead, I got to diaphragm breathe whilst breastfeeding...thankfully I managed to settle Reef and was able to take Raine to the toilet again, pop the oven on and have a 30second shower with a very demanding audience.
Last night I prepared breakfast:
- sliced apples to cover the bottom of baking dish, water to cover them
- frozen raspberries on top
- covered in oats
- sprinkled with cinnamon
Which was easy to bake for 10mins and serve with coconut milk. Buckinis and chia seeds would have made an excellent topping however our budget has been tight since Bali & Reef's birth. 
Unfortunately I need to get my tax return done before I am eligible for government assistance (paid parental leave). This is most frustrating and another thing I feel anxious about.

Being a mum of three is like being on an island...while friends and family have been incredibly kind and supportive running after toddlers & a newborn is super rough especially when Eric is at work. It will be delightful to get some sort of social life back, especially to see my mother's group! We missed everyone's birthday parties this year :(

Reef is very calm and does sleep a lot, however he also feeds a lot and because of the tongue and lip tie, feeding is painful/exhausting/frustrating. The first two weeks after my milk came in was much milk, engorgement, constantly leaking porn star boobs. Not even Raine could handle the volume and force of my let down. I haven't fed her much in the last few days as Reef and I have passed thrush back and forth and he has split my nipple. Tandem feeding is amazing but super hard work.

Today I had a client at 8.30am, trained a little at 9am and had another client at 10am. I wish I could crash out I'm so tired...its 1pm.
I am extremely proud that I got everyone dressed, fed and out the door with enough time to pick up coffees and get to the gym on time. 
Recovery is going well, training is focused on postural alignment, glute activation, pelvic & shoulder stability and healing the small separation of my abdominals (one finger now).
This pic is from this morning 18days post partum:


Being gentle with myself and just trying to make it through one day at a time. 

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